Sweet Dreams

Bedtime tales of fairies at twilight in Scotland, as told by the designer’s childhood nanny is the heartfelt “story” behind this singular offering. The intense green and violet hues capture the magical aura of dusk on a midsummer night evening.


NameSweet Dreams
ContentGlass: Annealed, Tempered or Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass* available.
Sizes4” X 4” up to 5’ X 8’ / 10.16 x 10.16cm up to 152.4 x 243.84cm
Minimum Thickness1/4" / 0.635cm
Care InstructionsClean with soft cloth and standard glass cleaner or vinegar and water.
Special NotesKolman Artisan Glass® is handcrafted decorative glass comprised of glass, decorative papers, paints, foils and resins.

*Proprietary to PPG Industries